Assertion 4.0

It keeps getting better!

Product support

  • Avaya Communication Manager 6.3
  • Avaya Contact Recorder 15.x


  • Powerful visual display of multiple reports on dashboard for quick review and reference.


  • Login system with well-defined user roles
  • Responsive UI for Mobiles and Web
  • Customisable UI to fit business needs
  • No agent needed on target system, allowing simple usage
  • Use of LDAP for authentication


  • Detailed drill down reports, with filter capabilities, and informative tooltips
  • Map-based geographical reports
  • Historical and Live reports

Compliance Module

  • Test cases grouped into Standards
  • Parameterised test execution for greater flexibility


  • Enterprise, on-Premise
  • Works on customer provided HW and OS (RHEL Linux)
  • Secured lock-down configuration for a risk-free operation


  • Unified server licensing, paid yearly upfront

Automated System Audit

No more manual audit of your communication infrastructure. Do a comprehensive automated audit in minutes.


Automated policy checks

Ensure that mis-configurations are a thing of the past. Establish a policy and know that adherence is a done deal! It’s really that easy!

Ensure Legal and Regulatory compliance

Benchmark your communication systems against best practices, so you are always on top of all legal and regulatory compliances.


Tamper-proof Guarantee

The entire workflow is digitally signed, so you are assured that all reports generated are tamper-proof.

On-Prem and Cloud options

Make a choice and we can work with you. On-premise installation or cloud system, we have both!


Low overhead

Assertion imposes minimal load on your target servers, so run it as often as you want, without worrying about system load.

Better, Faster & Cheaper

Errors reduced
99% more accurate*

Money Saved
63% cheaper*

Time saved
97% faster*

*As compared with manual audits


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